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8 Ball Meatball

Think of your most favorite ingrediants, now can you picture that into a meatball? 8 Ball Meatball recently opened right in the historic Fell's Point District. The 8 Ball team mastered the arts of meatballs and can practically make anything! Definitely worth experimenting with friends and family.

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Points South Latin Kitchen

Why fly to Latin America when you can experience authentic Latin American Cuisine right in Fell's Point? Points South Latin Kitchen will take your taste buds all over the country with delicious and authentic flavors that will leave you wanting more.

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  • Bo Brooks

Bo Brooks 

Located in the beautiful Baltimore waterfront neighborhood of Canton, at Lighthouse Point, Bo Brooks Restaurant has been serving the best steamed crabs in Maryland since 1964. In the Hannan family since 1985, the restaurant continues to proudly serve the citizens of Baltimore and crab lovers from all over the world.

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