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The Doghouse

  • Historic Admiral Fell Inn - The Anchorage Seamen

Have ye ever spent a night “in the doghouse”? Not too fun! That’s why I choose to live in a hotel! Little history lesson for you.

This place had a nickname a long time ago…here’s how the tale goes. William Fell, a Quaker from Lancaster, England arrived in Old Baltimore in 1726 and the community of Fells’ Point was born. The Anchorage, a legendary seaman’s hostel was built in 1889 by Woman’s Auxiliary of the Port Mission to “maintain under Christian influence a boarding house for seamen, a home-away-from-home, a social and recreational center where the seafarer might find safe refuge while in port.” Those sailors could get a bit wild!!! Then, 1929, the Young Men’s Christian Association converted the expanded Anchorage into a 105-bed Seaman’s YMCA with rooms so small that it was nicknamed “the doghouse.” It was a dormitory-style boarding house. But in the 1980’s it me own Inn was born and the rooms are top notch.

Any dog - -- four-legged or two-legged would love to hang out here. Take me for a stroll around th’ town and see all th’ old buildings - - some of them over 200 years on this earth.