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Ghost Sighting

Barnacle here with a dash of something a wee bit scary and a whole lot o’ fun.

I was resting on me bed just the other night when I saw her. I had heard tell of her from guests through the years but had ne’er seen her me-self. Some say she just can’t move on because she is aching to find the Admiral once again. She wasn’t frightening – she just seemed fascinated with me tail.

This town was a rowdy seaport back in the day. Scallywags, seamen, saviors and ladies of the night…each with a different accent and a story to tell. most of them graced th’ halls of the seven buildings that make up The Admiral Fell Inn. No wonder me home is considered one of the Top Ten Haunted Places in America.

Ye should come ‘see’ for ye own eyes. Wednesday through Friday from 5:30 – 6:30 and Saturday from 4 – 5 pop down to the lobby. Enjoy a few libations and special human treats and then get ye haunting on.

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