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Drinking with Ghosts?

The Haunted Fell's Point Pub Walk

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Ahoy there! You’ve come at a perfect time. Barnacle here, and this week we’ll be going to the Haunted Pub Crawl. As you well know, Fell’s Point is very historic. So historic in fact, that it was one of the first districts in Baltimore to be on the National Register of Historic Places! ‘Tis the moment you walk out of the Historic Admiral Fell Inn, will you not only find lots of shopping and restaurants, but bars and pubs as well. Where better to find spirits of other worlds than among the liquid spirits of this one? We take you from pub to tavern to bar, where you will hear our great ghost stories. At each bar you visit, your guide will give you plenty of time to purchase a soda, beer, or cocktail and then tell you the haunted tales of that location and those nearby.

You'll stay in each bar approximately 30 minutes. The guide will provide you with a two-minute warning to finish your beverage, use the bathroom, etc. Then on to the next stop...

Note: We will be spending most of our time inside noisy & crowded pubs, we ask that you bear this in mind when deciding which of our tours to take.

Our route varies with season, special events in Baltimore, bar availability and the whim of our tour guides. We will go to three or four bars on each crawl, but specific route information is not available until the moment we depart.

So come join us whether you've just turned 21 or you're celebrating your 50th birthday! (We've even taken out the Red Hats...apparently tea isn't the only thing these ladies drink!) And you don't have to drink libations or crawl through the doors to participate - this tour is great fun for everyone 21 and over!

Remember, to always have fun, be safe and share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram!