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Barnacle the Bulldog takes on Baltimore's Comic Con this weekend!


Baltimore's Comic Con

The Baltimore Convention Center

September 25 - September 27

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Ahoy me hearties! Barnacle here. I take it you had a great weekend with many of happens that has occurred in the old Fell’s! I have another event that I wish to share, and it is an event that I so do cherish for it gives me an opportunity to meet many superheroes and villains! Fer me, I am excited to meet Krypto, Superman’s dog! For he is a role model I look up to for all the super hero services.

If you do not know for whom I am referring to, well, you should get your favorite superhero costume on for it is Comic Con! That is right! Three days of heroic and villainous activities starting September 25 and ending on September 27th.

As your knowledgeable humble dog historian, I shall give you the details on the origins of Comic Con and what this entity is. Comic Con began in San Diego in 1970 with a group of comics, movie and science fiction fans banded together to put on the first comic book convention. It originally started as a one day event, but they raised enough funds and interest for a larger convention.

From the beginning, the founders of the show set out to include not only the comic books they loved, but also other aspects of the popular arts that they enjoyed and felt deserved wider recognition, including films and science fiction/fantasy literature.

Since then, we’ve had a lot of colorful people here in Baltimore and the rest is history! This year I’m bringing my friends Fin from the Pier 5 Hotel and Henry from the Inn at Henderson’s Wharf with me. With people traveling far and wide in various costumes, including ourselves, there are many participants in the costume contest! Be sure to sign up, because registration closes at 1 PM!

From special media guests from hit TV shows like Arrow, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and more, to tons of exhibits, you’ll have plenty to do! Whether you’re an avid comic book reader or just finding something to do, I suggest you sail on by.

I have to go in for my fitting for the costume I’ll be wearing, I can’t tell you what it is because Fin & Henry might find out and steal me idea! Don’t forget to stop by this weekend at the Baltimore Convention Center!

I cannot wait! This is the first time I'll be going, Fin goes every year, so we'll see how this goes. Hopefully we'll see you there!

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