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Woof Woof! Alas me hearties, you’ve arrived! Welcome to Baltimore & Welcome to the Historic Admiral Fell Inn & Fells Point! I’m Barnacle the Bulldog – the Admiral Fell Inns favorite pet & historian. In fact, some say I run the place.

You will be seeing me everywhere in Fell’s Point! Don’t be afraid to stop me and say hi, I love photos. I’ll be your guide to help you find your way around town! If you’re ever staying at the Admiral Fell Inn, make sure you bring your pets. I love having other dogs around to keep me company! This is an uber classy pet friendly hotel.

One of my favorite places to hang out is actually downstairs! ..Squirrel…I mean the Tavern right here at the Inn. The Admiral himself put his picks on the menu. I’m actually an old Salty Dog myself. I prefer the wind blowing beneath my ear and the salt sea spray in my face. But when I’m ready to call it a night, there is no better place to take port than right here at the Admiral Fell Inn. I love the people here. Everyone here is family.

There’s lots of shopping, food, music, food, bars, food, entertainment, food and more food! Everyone is nice and you can practically walk EVERYWHERE! So…follow my tracks as I explore the best sights, sounds and smells of Fells Point and the Inner Harbor. Let’s go on an adventure together and explore the historic Fells Point & Baltimore!