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Admiral's History

Admiral Fell Inn's History

  • Historic Admiral Fell Inn - Bank Lobby

1730 - A Busy Seaport

  • Historic Admiral Fell Inn - The Anchorage Exterior

The Fell family, Quakers from Lancaster, England, founded Fell's Point in 1730, and developed it into a major shipbuilding center, as well as a busy deep-water seaport for importing and exporting. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, Fell's Point was bustling with exports of Maryland tobacco and grain and imports from Europe and the West Indies.

1900 - A Safe Haven

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Fell's Point became a rough district full of sailors, saloons and brothels. The Port Mission opened a Christian boarding house and recreational center name, “The Anchorage.” This building is the central structure of Admiral Fell Inn. Seaman enjoyed a safe night's sleep after a mandatory delousing. The Anchorage became popular and expanded to the boarding houses connected to it.

1929 - A New Beginning

  • Historic Admiral Fell Inn - Boys of Hamilton

The YMCA took over The Anchorage and expanded it to a 105-room Seaman’s YMCA. The room were so small that it was, "the doghouse". The Seaman's YMCA provided lodging for 50,000 sailors a year and operated until 1955. Tenants occupied the buildings subsequently. The last was Vinegar Works bottling factory. It closed in the 1970s.

1985 - Renovations

  • Historic Admiral Fell Inn - Anchorage Restaurant

The Anchorage was renovated and reopened as a 38-room bed and breakfast called The Admiral Fell Inn.

1996 - Upgrades and Expansions

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Admiral Fell Inn expanded to an 80-room hotel with rooftop event space, furnishings and aesthetics that reflect 18th-century era from which it arose.

TODAY - A Charming Getaway

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Admiral Fell Inn is an internationally acclaimed hotel offering intimate elegance amidst a bustling waterfront community. Guests enjoy boutique style accommodations and convenience to Fell's Point dining and entertainment. We are proud members of Harbor Magic Hotels and the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Historic Hotels of America.

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